Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools

Asimeto measures precisely, the width and height of an object or the depth of a slot, hole or any surface.

Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools product range includes standard and digital Bore Gauges, Calipers, Data Collection Tools, Depth & Height Gauges, Indicator & Dial Gauges, Testers & Optical Equipment, and Micrometres. All tools are ISO17025 certified for accuracy, and are compliant with the regulatory requirements in each of the territories that the company distributes to.

By harnessing German design, North-American innovation and Asian manufacturing, Asimeto is at the forefront of efficiency and competitiveness – translating into better user experience and reliability for engineering artisans and professionals. Their digital integration and software also enables users to effectively, and wirelessly capture readings onto computers, into existing marketplace programmes via their virtual keyboard – that connects directly to their devices.

It’s no surprise that Asimeto is the brand choice for global companies such as Boeing, Guhring, Volkswagen and other large concerns. Metrologist Manfred Eisinger (Germany) established the company in 2007 with the goal of designing and manufacturing the best integrated, precision tools at the most affordable prices. To this end and as such, Asimeto is undoubtedly a market leader.

Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools Hero Image

6 Precision Engineering Tools for Measuring Width, Height and Depth.

Dial Indicator

Digital Caliper

Vernier Caliper Standard

Vernier Dial Caliper

Finger Clock

Outside Micrometer

Magnetic Base Fine Adjustment

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