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The world's largest range of devices for measuring and data capturing - including related parts and accessories.

Mitutoyo is a Japanese multinational corporation specialising in measuring instruments and metrological technology, headquartered at Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Their hand-held measuring devices and technologies exceed the global benchmark for quality and innovation.

The company has over 75 years of experience in the development and production of tools, resulting in exceptional, minute accuracy, durability, and ergonomics for best user-handling.

Their scope (number) of digital and analogue products and ranges is staggering. for example, their indicators and calliper gauges carry 938 product variations, their micrometres and micrometre heads total 1419 products. Their tools can accurately measure from 0,1 mm up to 500 mm with a 0,1 µm digital step.

Apart from the aforementioned aspects, there are many more unique features and benefits offered by the group across and within their products which firmly positions them as an apex industry, market and technology leader. Peruse the short-list of products below to get an idea of what we can source for you.

Mitutoyo was founded in 1934 by mathematician / statistician / economist / entrepreneur Yehan Numata

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Data Management

(120 Products available)

Quality Management Software

Most of Mitutoyo’s electronic instruments can output data via optional connecting cables or wireless transmitters & receivers in the form of the Digimatic code.

The Digimatic code can also be converted in RS-232C format by any of several available gage multiplexers. In this way, digital data can be sent to PCs for data acquisition and advanced statistical analysis.

Signal Cables

USB Input Tool Direct (Digimatic-USB Cable) allows you to directly connect Digimatic measuring devices to a USB interface, without needing additional software. Digimatic Data Cables are used to connect the measuring devices directly via USB (USB Input Tool Direct Cables). Digimatic Extension Cables: These extension cables allow you to extend Digimatic data cables up to 14m, extending the working distance between a measuring instrument and an external device such as a PC or DP-1VA Logger/Printer.

Digimatic Interfaces

Digimatic Interfaces include USB Input Tool, DMX-3T / FS2 USB, DMX-1, DMX-1 USB, DMX-2 S, DMX-2 USB, DMX-3 USB, MUX-10F, DMX-8/2, DMX-16 / DMX-16C, DMX-0-1 USB / DMX-3-2 USB.

Digimatic Mini Processors

The DP-1VA printer allows you to print measuring data, statistical evaluations a.s.o. and includes: Statistic Processing Printer DP-1VA Data Printer and Logger CEE Type 264-505D and Statistic Processing Printer DP-1VA Data Printer and Logger BS Type 264-505E.

Wireless Communication Systems

U-WAVE Bluetooth Receives approx. 20m (within visible range). Communication frequency: 2,4GHZ wireless system for reliable and secure data transmission. Easy data export to Easy data export to Microsoft® Excel® or other professional SPC software applications like Mitutoyo MeasurLink. U-WAVE Connection Cables and Connection Units available.

Timerbox, Digimatic Switch Box, Tolerance Box

Digimatic Timerbox allows you to connect to the footswitch connector of a Mitutoyo interface to trigger data transfer, based on a time interval. Digimatic Data Loggers are designed for storing measurement data recorded by a Digimatic measuring instrument for subsequent output to a computer. They allow you to collect data when away from a PC, and transfer it later. Digimatic Switch Box is a distribution box that connects 3-5 Digimatic tools to one channel interface (for example a DMX-1 USB). Digimatic Tolerance Box allows you to connect Digimatic measuring instruments for visual -NG/GO/+NG evaluations.

Inside Measuring Instruments

(1747 Products available)

Inside Micrometers

Range: Digimatic Holtests Individual, Interchangeable Head Sets and Complete Unit Sets. Holtests Regular and Economy Metric and Inch Sets. ABSOLUTE Borematic, Measuring Heads and Adapter for 3-Point Internal Measuring Instruments. Digimatic and Regular Caliper Jaw Inside Micrometers. Tubular Regular and Digimatic Inside Micrometers and Extensions. Inside Micrometers with Interchangeable Rod.

Bore Gauges

Range includes Bore Gauges for Small and Extra Small Holes. Bore Gauges with Micrometer Head. Bore Gauges Short Length Type. Bore Gauges for Blind Holes. ABSOLUTE Digimatic Bore Gauges. Bore Gauge Checker.

Indicators and Caliper Gauges

(938 Products available)

Absolute Digimatic Indicators

ABSOLUTE Digimatic Solar Indicators include ID-SS, ID-SX, ID-U, ID-C, Max/Min/RANGE ID-C, Calculation ID-C, Bore Gauge ID-C, Signal ID-C, ID-N, ID-B, ID-H and ID-F.

Dial Indicators

Metric Dial Indicators: Series 1 and 2. Inch Dial Indicators Series 1 and 2. One Revolution Dial Indicators Series 1 and 2. Dial Indicators Stroke Series 2 (20 and 30mm). Inch Dial Indicators with Large Dial Face or 1″/2″ Stroke. Special Dial Indicators Series 2. Inch One Revolution Dial Indicators Series 2. Metric Dial Indicators with Large Dial Face or AGD/ANSI with 9,52 mm (3/8″) Stem (31). Inch Dial Indicators with Large Dial Face Series 3. Dial Indicators with Extra Large Dial Face, Back Plunger Type Series 1 and 2.

Lever Indicators

Range includes: Lever Indicators Horizontal Type: 0,01mm, 0,001/0,002mm and 20° Tilted Face Types. Lever Indicators and Magnet Stand. Inch Lever Indicators (Horizontal Type). Metric/Inch, Inch/Metric Lever Indicators. Vertical, Parallel, Universal and Small Types.

Thickness Gauges, Caliper Gauges, Dial Tension Gauges

Gauges Include: ABSOLUTE Digimatic Thickness Gauges. Quick Mini Thickness Gauges. Dial Indicator Thickness Gauges. Digimatic and Regular Dial Internal/External Caliper Gauges. Internal/External Digimatic Caliper Gauges Power Supply (Wireless Charging). Dial Tension Gauges.

Indicators and Caliper Gauges Accessories

Accessories and parts include: Contact Points, Extension Rods, Bases for Indicators, Interchangeable Backs, Spindle Lifting Accessories, Styli, Stems and Holders, 9 Colour-coded Spindle Caps, Limit Stickers, Tolerance markings, 10 pieces per set, Tool repair sets etc.

Calibration Instruments

(485 Products available)

Height Masters

Range includes: Standard Height Masters, Digital Height Masters, Universal Height Masters and Optional Accessories.

Check Masters

Check Masters include: Depth Micro Checkers. CERA Caliper Checkers, Inside Micro Checkers etc.


Calibration Tools

Calibration Tools include: Step Masters, CERA Straight Masters with Inspection Certificate, High Precision 4 Face Square Masters, Cylindrical Measuring Pins, Normal and Low Expansion Glass Scales, Calibration Testers i-Checker 2000, Gauge Block Comparators GBCD-250, CERA Metric Gauge Block Sets with Calibration Certificate, CERA Individual Metric Gauge Blocks Grade 1 with Calibration Certificate, Steel Metric Square Gauge Block Sets, Steel Individual Metric Square Gauge Blocks Grade 1, CERA Individual Inch Square Gauge Blocks, Square Gauge Block Accessories etc.

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