Noga Deburring Tools

Tools for scraping, parting, smoothing iron and steel.

Noga Deburring Tools for Steel and Iron are the world leaders in hand deburring systems. This is due to Noga’s constant investment into innovation, based around providing the best and most competitive solutions for their customers.

Their extensive range of tools is versatile in that their “blades” are interchangeable with a smooth-grip handle that makes using their products easy – with minimal fatigue to the user.

Remove burrs from any surface with the free-swivelling or fixed (extended) blades. Ideal for scraping and parting line flashings, removing rough edge breakthroughs on holes or smooth off sharp corners / edges on a multitude of materials – especially iron and steel.

Other specialised tools with two, non-swiveling edges can deburr internal threads, O-ring grooves or both sides of sheet material simultaneously.

The design and configuration of the blades along with the handle ensures that every profile, shape, nook and cranny can be accessed and smoothed, making sure the final product is finished off, and completed perfectly.

Apart from the different types of handles available, Noga Deburring Tools for Steel and Iron have a great number of specialist blades, made from high speed steel, tin-coated cobalt high speed steel, solid tungsten carbide or ceramic – for both hard and soft steel applications.

12 Essential Deburring Tools for Manufacturing

Uni Handle

Uni Handle with Blade

Rapid Burr

Disposable Burr


Roto Drive Countersink 10,4mm

Roto Drive Countersink 20mm

Reversible Countersink


Adjustable Scraper

Double Burr

NG8200 Economy Set

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