Pipe Marking Measuring and Alignment Tools by Curv-O-Mark.

Essential steel pipe tools to measure and mark angles, curves, degrees and levels.

Pipe marking measuring and alignment Tools by Curv-O-Mark are specifically designed for professional builders, welders, fitters, fabricators or any proficient steel worker.

If you rely on and require precision instruments that offer ease of use, ensure that the final product is of a particular high standard and meets the best quality assurance practices, peruse our range of tools below that are used to scribe, set angles, determine bends, radiuses and levels – to the degree or millimetre.

Tools to assist in precisely and securely:

  • Marking or scribing with ease;
  • Working out and setting angles or degrees;
  • Determining¬† bends, elbows and joints;
  • Determining¬† arcs, radiuses or circles;
  • Simplifying the laying out of steel pieces;
  • Ensuring levels are correct – to the degree
  • Ensuring cuts are to the millimetre.

Contour Markers

Pipe Marking Measuring and Alignment Tools - Contour Marker

Reduce waste and Save time trying to work out mathematical formulas with this calibrated, light weight, durable Contour Marker which holds a pen, crayon or pencil to lay out pipes and steel joints. Scribe any angle laterals or any size of joint precisely on a 38mm to 240mm pipe or structural item up to 450mm. Dual sided calibration either in degrees or rise inches per foot. Simplify laying out structural joints, i Beams, channels, angles, square tubes etc.

Centering Heads


With a Curv-O-Mark Centering Head you can set your centre lines and establish the marks and angles for butt-ins or location points inside tanks and pipes. Declivity and keyways can also be laid out and measured. Use on 12.7mm (Diameter) and upwards pipe size. It has a 101.6mm Y head with adjustable dial protractor (Bubble DSL). Can be used with a tapping hammer to work the centering pin.


Pipe Marking Measuring and Alignment Protractor

Find angles, bends or determine the portion of any elbow with this 90 degree Protractor. It holds itself at the desired angle via a locking lever, features a 15.875mm x 254mm tapered arm and is mounted in a 19.05mm frame with a 9.525mm x 152.4mm cast rod. It can also be used with a built in 11.33Kg pull magnet or manually (without magnet).

Radius Marker

Pipe Marking Measuring and Alignment Radius marker

This standard Radius Marker is perfectly sized to fit into your pocket for when you need it. The arms are aligned precisely with sprung tension joints that will ensure rigidity and accuracy. It’s made from anodized rust proof aluminium and holds pencils, flat or round soapstone for clean marking.

Trammel Heads

Pipe Marking Measuring and Alignment Trammel Heads

Save space in your toolbox whilst also drawing arcs or circles using any standard, rigid conduit or 12.7mm pipe with this aluminium Trammel Head set. The heads make for easy setting with radius set points cast in alignment with marking pointers. perpendicular alignment is made easy with 6.35mm screws on the unit’s squared back. A 3.1mm hardened steel scribe forms part of the head and the marking holder accommodates a steel scribe, pencil, crayon, chalk, square or flat soapstone. Mark from a 25.4mm / 12.7mm circle to any diameter required. Each head weighs approximately 26.7g. The set includes a pointer, scribe, Allen wrench and soapstone.

Flange Aligner


Align and square up your flanges on pipe diameters from 25.4mm – or larger, using extensions. The Curv-O-Mark Flange Aligner has notches at either end to precicely align on a centre line of a pipe.
With two 1.33Kg pull magnets (cast in), you can secure the aligner with ease on vertical or horizonal, round or square pipes.

The base can accomodate a standard or combination square to extend the unit for larger applications.

Universal Dial Set Level


The Curv-O-Mark Universal Dial Set Level (DSL) has two 90 degree quadrants and covers 180 degrees, that reads in 2,3 degree increments. It is an adjustable bubble Protractor that can be used with a number of Curv-O-Mark tools including numbers: 33, 20, 8, 7, 6 and 4. It’s a perfect, durable, aluminium cast tool for any welding or fabrication workshop.¬†

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