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Mitutoyo additional tools range - covering measuring, data capturing, parts and accessories.

Herewith below, another short-list of the vast tool ranges available.

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Mitutoyo additional tools Ranges page - picture of Mitutoyo tools lab in Japan

Micrometres and Micrometer Heads

(1419 Products available)

Digimatic and Mechanical Micrometers

High Accuracy Analogue and Digital Micrometers that include: Blade, Dial/Dial Snap, Jaw/Caliper, Gear Tooth, IP65 Metric, IP65 Dual Inch/Metric, QuantuMike IP65, Interchangeable Anvil Type, Can Seam, Disc (with Non-Rotating Spindle Type), Crimp Height and Standard Quickmike. Analog Outside (Inch, Metric and in Set), Point, Screw Thread Micrometers with Interchangeable Tips, Sheet Metal, Spline, Tube, V-Anvil, Wide Range, Outside, Hub, Indicating Snap Gauge type, Interchangeable Ball Anvil/Spindle Tip Sets, Interchangeable Thread Measuring, Internal Groove, with Thermally Insulating Plate, with Anvil Extension Collars, Thimble, Graduated Dial, Tube, Universal and V-Anvil.

Micrometer Heads

Digital and Analogue Micrometer Heads with: Counter, Micro Jack, Fine Spindle Feed 0,1 mm / rev 5mm and 6,5mm Range, Ultra Small 5mm and 6,5mm Range, Fine Spindle Feed 0,25mm / rev 6,5mm and 13mm Range. Heads 6,5mm and 13mm Short Thimble Type, 6,5mm and 13mm Range with Spindle Lock. Zero Thimble (13mm Range). Small Standard Type. 13mm/ 15mm/ 25mm/ 50mm Ranges. With Large Thimble. Heads for XY-Stage, Quick Spindle Feed Type, Non-Rotating Spindle Type (10mm Stem, 12mm Stem) and Precision Leadscrews.

Micrometer Accessories

Mitutoyo offers various types of fixture designed for micrometer heads, which you can use for a wide range of applications, that are high quality and durable, manufactured from nickel-plated cast iron. Two types of fixture for micrometer heads are available, depending on whether the head has a plain stem or is a clamp nut type.


(347 Products available)

Absolute Digimatic Calipers

Absolute Digimatic Calipers include: Regular and Carbide Tipped Jaw Coolant Proof, AOS (and AOS with Carbide Tipped Jaw. Calipers for Long Range, with Nib Style Jaws, Dual Nib Style and Standard Jaws. Carbon Fibre Calipers IP6 with Ceramic Jaws and Extra Long Jaws and Carbon Fibre IP66 for Interchangeable Jaws/ Scriber.

Special Purpose Calipers include: Calipers with Constant Measuring Force, Tolerance Measurement, Offset, Centerline, Swivel, Back-Jaw Centreline, Point, Blade, Neck, Knife-Edge, Inside, Tube Thickness and Vernier Hook Type.

Analog Calipers

Carbide Tipped Jaws, Thumb Clamp, Fine Adjustment, Dial, Nib Style and Standard Jaws, Vernier with Nib Style Jaws, Vernier with Long Jaws.

Caliper Accessories

Optional depth base attachment for calipers. Secure locking clamp for digital, vernier and dial calipers which have a depth measuring bar. 75mm width for 100, 150, 200mm Range. 100mm width for 100, 150, 200mm Range.125mm width for 300mm Range.

Height Gauges and Data Processing

(110 Products available)

Height Gauges

Vernier Height Gauges, Dial Height Gauges, ABSOLUTE Digimatic Height Gauges (and with Slider Adjustment Wheel or Double Column Type). Double Column Type with Touch Trigger Probe Connector.

Height Gauges with Data Processing

QM-Height and Linear Height LH-600. High accuracy, high resolution linear encoder for position detection. With and without pneumatic drive mechanism, Automatic running of pre-learnt part programs, Easily implement frequently used measurements, such as inside/outside diameter and pitch calculations, Icon-based commands that also support easy one-key operation. Extraordinary battery life. GO/±NG judgement is performed by setting the upper and lower tolerances

Height Gauge Accessories

Spare Parts and Optional Accessories for Height Gauges.

Auxiliary Equipment and Miscellaneous Equipment

(336 Products available)

Stands, Bench Tools, Vices, V-Blocks, Plates, Protractors, Levels, Squares, Rules

Gauge Blocks

(4463 Products available)

Steel and Ceramic Gauge Block Sets

Gauge Block Sets with: ISO Inspection Certificate, Steel Inch Sets, Thin Block Sets with 0,001 mm step, Long Block Sets, Carbide Wear Sets, Steel Caliper Inspection Sets, Steel Micrometer Inspection Sets, Steel Square Gauge Sets.

Steel and Ceramic Individual Gauge Blocks

Ceramic and Steel (Metric and Inch) Individual Gauge Blocks.

Special Gauge Blocks

Calibrated CTE Metric gauge blocks with a calibrated coefficient of thermal expansion.Superior to K class blocks.Supported by Mitutoyo‘s best technologies. Accurately calibrated thermal expansion coefficient measured with a proprietary double-faced interferometer (DFI). Each gauge block is calibrated for length on a highly accurate gauge block interferometer (GBI) system. Uncertainty of thermal expansion coefficient: 0.035 x 10-6 /K (k=2). Uncertainty of length measurement: 30 nm (k=2), for 100mm blocks.

ZERO CERA Ultra-low expansion ceramic gauge blocks. Thermal expansion at 20 ±1°C is less than 1/500 that of steel. Almost no secular change either in the dimension or coefficient of thermal expansion. Light and easy to handle. Rust free. Magnetisation free.

Gauge Blocks Accessories

Gauge Block Accessories, Ceraston and Maintenance Kits:

Maintenance Kit for Gauge Blocks in wooden case and includes: Ceraston (601,645), Tweezers (600,004), Blower brush (600,005), Cleaning paper (600,006), Artificial leather mat (600,007), Reagent bottle (600,008) (Solution not included), Gloves (600,009D) and Optical flat.

Alumina-ceramic abrasive stone to remove burrs from hard materials such as ceramics that ordinary stones cannot handle. For use on both steel gauge blocks and CERA Blocks.

Series 516 and 619 Kits: For long gauge blocks over 100 mm which have two coupling holes on the body.

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